Welcome to the neighborhood

Welcome to The Royale. Raised by the industry that gave them cause to survive in a competitive and forward leaning city, the purveyors of this landmark establishment have forged a business model on providing consistency with ample room for diversity. True to the distinctive neighborhood it’s situated in, the Royale reflects the needs and tastes of the surrounding residents that help keep it among the most desirable destinations for craft cocktails, local beers, and quality live entertainment in San Francisco. With one of the most diverse event calendars in the city and an emphasis away from the aristocratic bar trends that have tarnished a once no-nonsense industry of service, The Royale aims to fall on the furthest end of the spectrum from a private social club. 

Comfortable booth seating, an upstairs mezzanine providing a welcoming escape for private conversations, and a wrap-around bar with full-window views of the bustling streets provide the setting for crowds of all ages and walks of life.  From featuring the menus of pop-up kitchens showcasing the talents of surrounding small kitchens & caterers, to a rotating monthly show exhibiting entirely original work by local artists on the walls, The Royale embodies the voice of the creative spirit of our unique patrons.

Monthly Calendar of Events

Where Post meets Leavenworth, in one of the city’s oldest and densest residential blocks, there’s something going on at The Royale. A slow momentum is building, a collection of locals are congregating over post-work drinks, a local jazz band is playing in the corner, and the sun is setting on another day in one of the most vibrant and diverse neighborhoods on the West Coast.

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